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Student Essay

Today’s kids have too much freedom. They are either playing video games or getting themselves into trouble. Parents need to teach their kids to be respectful, teach them to have values and morals and; lastly, they need to teach their kids how to be assets to our society.

Respect--what does that mean? To me respect is treating others how you would like to be treated, not talking back, not swearing, and not being disruptive. Since I have been in school I have seen a lot of kids that do not have respect for anyone but themselves. They disrupt classes and interfere with other kids learning, they talk back to the teacher, and do not care about anything. In my book respect is everything and if you don’t have it, you are nothing. I really wish that kids would show more respect, not only to their teachers but to themselves as well.

Values and morals are pretty much what you believe in and too many parents are not setting the best example of morals nowadays. Teenagers are off doing drugs, and having sex thinking that those are the most important things in life, while their parents are off doing the same things. As a parent you should want the best for your kids, you should want them to grow up and lead successful lives, yet the examples parents are setting these days are crap! I understand that “kids will be kids” but the things that they are doing won’t just ruin their lives it will ruin the lives of other kids, and possibly their own children’s future. Parents need to step up and be parents, stop trying to be their kids best friend, and talk to their kids about the consequences of their actions.

 In 10 years our world is going to be horrible because teenagers don’t care anymore. They don’t see that what they are doing now is not only effecting them but its effecting everyone’s future. Kids don’t want to be assets to their society nowadays, they don’t have hopes or dreams. They would rather sit in their room, do drugs, have sex, and play video games. If we don’t start doing something now our world is going to fall apart. Teenagers need to set priorities on work, school, and helping others. Why let that happen when we can do something to help!

If everyone sided together and tried to help what is going on, we could make a big difference. So please if you are a parent, show your kids how important it is to be respectful, have morals and values, and be assets to our society. If you see your friend going down the wrong path try and help them; you might be the only one who does. Show everyone how great this world can really be!


~ Written by Hailey Heath