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College and Career Readiness Resources

Welcome! Announcements, information, upcoming events, and updates will be posted here on our College & Career Readiness page. If you have any questions or need any help, get in touch with your College and Career Advisor.


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Paying for College



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Seniors: September is the time to start deciding which colleges you would like to apply for! Start gearing up to complete FAFSA on October 1st! Seniors should meet with their College & Career advisor at least once before winter break. Check out upcoming important events and dates HERE.

Juniors: Make the year count! Colleges look at your grades from junior year in their admission decisions. It is important that you DO YOUR BEST! Plan on studying for the SAT which will be administered in the spring!

Sophomores: It's time to start narrowing in on what kind of career fields you are interested in. Sophomores will take the PSAT in October. Students have the opportunity to earn scholarships while practicing for the SAT-- so be sure to study!

Freshman: Welcome to high school! It's your job to discover who you are and what kind of careers you are interested in! Explore your electives to discover your strengths and interests. A strong start in high school can give you the momentum to succeed all the way to graduation.


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